11.13.06 11 years ago

According to just about everybody, Bruce Bowen has a habit of sticking his foot under jump-shooting opponents in order to injure them when they land. Classy, right? And, in what seems like a rather unnecessary measure, he's going after Knicks. After injuring Steve Francis last Monday (Francis has missed the last three games), Bowen allegedly pulled the same stunt with Jamal Crawford, and Thomas went batshit on Bowen. (Both received technicals.) A day earlier, Thomas shared what he would do if he were still playing.

"I'd beat the shit out of somebody. Really, I would fucking murder them… There's certain things you don't do."

(I had to guess about the swears, because the pussy reporters took them out.) Spurs coach Gregg Popovich — who, in a nice little brewing feud, testified for Larry Brown in his case against the Knicks — fired back, "That's kind of a Mike Tyson comment."

Now see, that's over the line. Anyone knows Tyson would have better judgment as a basketball executive. 

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