09.18.07 9 years ago • 34 Comments

Is the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment lawsuit against Isiah Thomas and MSG the greatest thing ever?  No, don't be silly.  Breast implants, the M1A1 Abrams, Spaghetti-O's, and a well-made Manhattan are all far superior.  But Zeke's testimony is definitely moving this court case up the list.

"A white man calling a black female 'bitch,' that is wrong with me. I am not accepting that. That's a problem for me," he said.

But asked if he'd have a problem with a black man calling a black woman "bitch," Thomas said, "Not as much."

Isiah Thomas has to be the one of the few people on Earth that I could effectively cross-examine.  "What if a white person is singing along to a rap song?  Is THAT wrong, Mr. Thomas?"  And he'd be all, "Yes I sexually assaulted that bitch, and I hope she burns in hell!"  It would be like A Time to Kill plus A Few Good Men, except I'd be wearing one of those white powdered wigs, and my co-counsel would be a sexy chick in a bikini. 

In conclusion, I should really move to LA to write movies. 

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