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Is it surprising that Jeremy Shockey is underperforming again after returning from hernia surgery? Or is it more surprising that some team was actually stupid/desperate/bored enough to trade for Shockey in the offseason? Or are you more surprised that I wear women’s clothing when I perform my lounge act down by the lake? It’s more of a revue, actually. The Red Zone had Shockey’s take on his game against Carolina yesterday, and it featured much more finger-pointing than cross-dressing:

“I had a fumble that hurt the team. I missed a backside cutoff block,” Shockey said. “That’s on me, 14 points I felt like I gave up today, not because of effort, but just because physically I’m not healthy.”

Shockey said he may have come back too soon from the surgery, and also indicated the Saints erred by misdiagnosing him in training camp.

“I’m worried that this thing could have been taken care of in camp, like it should have been,” said Shockey, who the Saints acquired from the New York Giants in July for two draft picks. “If it wasn’t misdiagnosed in camp like it was there’d have been no problems. … Next time I know. When I get hurt I’ll get three or four opinions besides just the team’s.” […]

It’s the team’s fault he sucks!  In a way, it is, since the Saints are the reason he’s still in the league. Not only is Shockey a pompous ass who can’t accept responsibility for being a mediocre pro, I bet he looks horrible in a dress. I mean, look at the guy. What self-respecting degenerate would want to hollow him out?

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