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Students, faculty and a bunch of townies at the University of Tennessee-Martin enjoy nothing much than walking around on expensive fake grass. So, naturally, they were only too thrilled that the school threw a “turf party” to celebrate the installation of $750,000 in FieldTurf at the Skyhawks’ Hardy M. Graham Stadium.

Fans were invited to walk and play on the turf as well as take home a sample patch of the new surface.

“I think it’s fabulous,” said UTM fan John Abel. “It is great that the community can come out here and actually play on the turf just to see how it feels.”

FieldTurf is a combination of rubber and sand.

Although it is used in 21 NFL stadiums, UT-Martin, a member of the Ohio Valley Conference, is the college in the state using this surface. Phil Dane, the school’s athletic director, is thrilled with it. “Consistency is the main benefit, no one will have to worry about the weather, it will help with safety, it will help the coaches, and it will stay maintained with little help,” said Dane. “It will not need chemicals, and will not have to be painted or have maintenance.”

“Hooooo-we! No maintenance! That means we can fire all them immigrants we been paying to keep it in shape!”

In fact, fans liked it so much, they decided to replicate their own FieldTurf at home. All it requires is throwing their unused rubbers in their children’s sandboxes. But that’s where they were already! Hot damn! C’mon over, everybody! It’s a turf block party!

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