01.11.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

I don't like to assume anything about anybody just because I've seen them in a two-minute YouTube clip, but in this case, I'm going to guess that the baton isn't the only thing that's flaming in this video.

Pay special attention at the 14-second mark, where you might get too turned on if you're not careful.

In all fairness, that takes no small amount of skill and athleticism. Some people just choose to use their God-given skill and athleticism in different ways. Like LaDainian Tomlinson and me, for example. LDT uses his moves to get in the end zone, while I use my moves to get in the end zone. He just plays for a bigger audience is all. I do it for love of the game.

(Thanks — kind of — to hunky reader Austin.) 

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