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A lot of people don’t understand the mindset of Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker, who has opted to forgo the NFL Draft and return for his senior season at Washington. Even though some draft boards had Locker primed as a top-10 pick (even though can’t throw and has never played on a bowl-eligible team for the Huskies), Locker seems intent on returning to Seattle and working with second-year coach Steve Sarkisian on improving both of those things. And he’s getting killed for it.

Locker might be making a Shelly Long-like career move. While there’s a chance the NFL takes a while to get its act together and enforces a rookie salary cap for the 2012 NFL Draft, the odds are 50/50 that a cap might kick in for the 2011 Draft. That means the $40 million contract that Locker could sign in April might be worth less than $10 million in two years. Don’t look at this like a superfan or like someone who misses being back in college. This is big business and Locker could be making a mistake that’s even bigger than Sam Bradford’s ill-advised decision to return for one more year. –Pete Fiutak, FOXSports.com.

So Locker basically is making a coin flip to be a better prospect in a year where there theoretically be no draft at all, or by coming out now and going all David Klingler for five years and then leaving the league after one contract. It’s ballsy, but I think the extra year will do him well, even if he’s basically playing for free. I guess it’s like an internship. A very foolish, cost-prohibitive internship.

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