James Harden And Metta World Peace Will Never Be Friends

05.17.12 6 years ago

"Wait, am I the elbower or the elbowee?"

By now, we should be over the fact that in a moment of testosterone- and adrenaline-fueled celebration, a professional athlete was careless and violently elbowed another player in the head. But since that athlete is Metta World Peace, AKA Ron Artest, we’ll never be over it, because WHEN IS HE GOING TO DO IT AGAIN???

Alas, we also can’t be over it when the original victim has now become the hunter. During the first quarter of last night’s incredibly-exciting-despite-the-score 77-75 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder guard and NBA 6th Man of the Year James Harden got a little revenge on World Peace when he crossed him up and jabbed him in the cheek with his elbow.

Responded World Peace, “IRONY!”

The beauty of that play, which is clearly accidental unless Harden is a ninja, is World Peace’s face after it happens. He makes the best, “So that’s how it’s gonna be?” faces in all of pro sports. And then he turned around and had his own “accidental” play in the second quarter when he clotheslined Harden and Nick Collison. My favorite is his body language as he runs away, as if he’s going to explode if he hears a whistle.

The Thunder are now up 2-0 in the series, but we need this to go 7. Pray to any and every god that this series never ends.

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