Jay-Z And LeBron Got Some Beef?

07.26.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

With more exclamation points than you can handle, Media Take Out is reporting that an “EXTREMELY CREDIBLE insider” has told them that the once powerful friendship between LeBron James and Jay Z has taken a huge hit because of LeBron’s announcement to play for the Heat. I assume, of course, that an EXTREMELY CREDIBLE source is one that relays information while snowboarding and drinking Rock Star energy drink.

The rumor is that Jay Z is upset with James because his close friend didn’t even return his phone calls during the free agent courting period, which sounds a little fishy since they were hanging out in New York City the weekend prior to the start of free agency. Regardless, this source claims that Jay Z is expected to pull stars as the minority owner of the New Jersey Nets, and if LeBron did indeed brush that dirt off his shoulders*, it would leave Jay Z looking pretty foolish.

Introduce me as the next member of the Roc-a-Fella crew, Media Take Out:

Why is Jigga so mad at LeBron. Well our insider explains, “Jay Z was supposed to be able to bring stars to [the New Jersey] Nets – or at least have access to them. [During the time that LeBron was making his decision] he didn’t even take [Jay Z’s] calls. It made [Jay Z] look like he couldn’t deliver to the Nets management.”

The insider continued, “If [Jay Z] would have landed a star player, he could have been seen as a legitimate asset to the team. Now they see him as just dead weight.”

If that’s true, then Jay Z would need to be in hiding because Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov is probably sizing him up for a Siberian snowbox while Jay prepares an excuse that Jarvis Hayes just needs more time. But if we look at it realistically – since this sounds a tad bit juvenile, even for LeBron – if Jay Z’s minority ownership status is in trouble then he could probably point out that it would take a roster of All-Stars to turn that stinking ship around.

Meanwhile, LeBron apparently blew off some steam by partying in Las Vegas this weekend with his new teammate Dwyane Wade and his close friend Chris Paul. The low-key weekend featured two celebrations complete with giant cakes – one of his new Miami jersey and the other of a giant crown. I’m really shocked that I didn’t bump into them because I did the same exact thing this weekend.

(*I cringed at my whiteness just writing that)

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