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Hey kiddies, it’s time for a riddle!  What’s big and black and hard all over?  If you guessed Jayson Williams’ SCRAM bracelet, you would be correct.  If you guessed something else, you’re a total perv and it’s way too early for that crap.   Anyway, the ex-NBAer who’s no stranger to legal troubles has gotten himself into some more by getting hammered and deciding his car wanted to hump a tree.

Williams’ black Mercedes-Benz SUV veered across four lanes of oncoming traffic before slamming into a tree at an exit from FDR Drive in Manhattan around 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, according to a court complaint. He was found bleeding from the face and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol, the complaint said.

Police said Williams was alone in the passenger seat when officers arrived. He initially told them the driver left the scene, Assistant District Attorney William Beesch said. But a witness told police no one else had gotten in or out of the car, according to the complaint.–Foxsports.com

The bad news is that he just got busted for a DUI while waiting for his retrial for that one time when he kinda got schwasted and shot and KILLED SOMEONE.  But!  The good news is that he’s “sorry for causing trouble”.  “Sorry” always makes everything better, especially when you keep screwing up over and over and over again.

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