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Wimbledon mixed doubles champions Jelena Jankovic and Jamie Murray had an interesting tournament.  According to Jankovic, their partnership — and success — is a result of Murray's unrelenting crush on her.

"I told him I was not a doubles player. However, he insisted and at the end of the tournament I realised that in fact he had fallen in love," she said. "Even during matches when I was played badly he used to come to me and kept saying 'smile, smile for me'."… "Instead of discussing tactics in pauses between he used to tell me how attractive I was. I told him I would give him a kiss for every good point and it worked." 

Holy crap.  Murray has to have an IQ of close to 300 to be able to concentrate on a woman he wants to have sex with and play a sport at the same time.  I can't even watch a sport while I think about chicks.

Jelena says she has still not decided whether to accept Jamie's latest invitation – to spend Christmas with him in Scotland.

One thing's for sure here: the WTA needs to start testing for witchcraft, because the only way a guy who isn't in prison falls for a chick this plain who doesn't put out is if he's had a spell cast on him.  I guess she's better-looking than most burn victims, but I still wouldn't push the issue unless everybody died and the two of us needed to repopulate Earth.  And even then I'd be like, "We really shouldn't rule out single sex reproduction just yet.  Let's give binary fission a chance."

(Thanks to the leggy vixen at This Suit Is Not Black.  Miss ya, baby)

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