Jeremy Lin Really Is The New Tim Tebow

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.15.12 6 Comments

Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow have a lot in common, if you listen to the media — they were both undervalued, they both came off the bench in their teams’ times of need and sparked a winning streak, they’re both obsessively swarmed by ESPN analysts and they’ve seen their successes instantaneously followed by intense backlash and not-necessarily-appropriate race card droppage.

I assumed the next step in the comparison would be finding out he’s secretly bagging Kendall Jenner (or Ke$ha’s parents are trying to hook her up with him), but I missed a step … please enjoy this video of Lin naming Christian musicians as Artists We’ve Got To Check Out. He listens to Hillsong. Hillsong. At one point he mentions that he’s playing basketball to glorify God, but doesn’t firstly and foremostly thank his lord and savior Jesus Christ for anything specific.

Lin hasn’t been a superstar for very long, so I hope this continues. But if he can’t play after 40 days, and his mind is crushed by the crashing waves, lift him up so high that he cannot fall. Lift him up.

[h/t to Steve Pav]

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