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Gonzaga baskatball players Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis were picked up last night after police found pot and 'shrooms in their car during traffic stop:

[Cheney Police Cmdr. Rick] Campbell said police pulled the car over because its tail lights were not working.

"It was close to midnight. They needed to have their lights on," Campbell said.

Fucking pigs, man – they're always throwing their legal mumbo-jumbo like 'Probable Cause' around.  Don't they know you don't need tail lights on when you're 'shrooming?  Your peripheral vision increases by like a lot of degrees man. 

Campbell said the amount of marijuana was only enough for a misdemeanor, but possession of mushrooms is a felony.

First, these upstanding young men were probably going to distribute these 'narcotics' to sufferers of glaucoma and other such ailments as an act of mercy like their patron.  Second, if holding 'shrooms is a felony, who wants to come over for Magic pizza tonight? -KD

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