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Jim Tressel on elbow bumps and protecting players from the flu

Even though Jim Tressel’s torso is well-insulated on game day, it hasn’t stopped members of his team from being paranoid about a flu outbreak, so he’s taught his team a way to shake hands that will surely be embraced by overrated underachievers everywhere.

Jim Tressel said, “S’happening,” today.[..] The slang was in reference to the “elbow bumps,” actually more like forearm bumps, that the Ohio State training staff is recommending Ohio State football players employ in place of handshakes as the Buckeyes hope to prevent passing the flu through the team.[..]

OSU punter Jon Thoma was sick for Saturday’s game against Toledo, but Tressel didn’t know if that had been identified as a strain of H1N1 flu. There are no other reports of sick Ohio State players at the moment. via.

Tressel also endorses pulling out after sex, which is great if you’re ever in, you know, a woman’s presence. I don’t see what the big deal about that is. As long as you finish before they wake up, they really don’t seem to care.

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