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Word on the street — and by street I mean Internet — is that 80-year-old Penn State coach Joe Paterno, in a hilariously-executed reversal of stereotypes, doesn't like people driving slowly:

Yesterday, two grad students… were driving on campus and being followed closely by a white car. The white car passes them and then cuts them off and pins them against the curb. The driver gets out and starts screaming obscenities at the woman (who was driving), flipping both middle fingers and repeatedly saying "do you know who I am!". The irate screaming and cursing by the driver of the white car continues long enough for the campus police to arrive at which time the driver of the white car takes off…

They were both in some state of shock the rest of the day that Joe Paterno, a man they both admired, could act this way.

Police are investigating the matter, but I don't think this is anything more than your typical dementia-laden Alzheimer's lash-out.  Seriously, do you know who he is?  Because he can't remember.

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