Joe Rogan Is A Total Professional

03.18.13 5 years ago 60 Comments
Joe Rogan Dana White reaction

Not sure if Juggies ...

Joe Rogan is a forward-thinking gentleman with a great understanding of women. He’s absolutely the guy you want standing next to you, sending nonverbal cues to the audience as you announce the female coaches and fighters on the next cycle of ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ a very important show to the continued mainstream success of your MMA company.

With that in mind, here’s Joe Rogan’s face during Dana White’s TUF announcement. Watch it closely and see if you can figure out what he’s thinking. Spoiler: he’s thinking, “this is a great idea and women are people.”

If I was Dana White, my response to this video would be to call Joe Rogan on the phone and be all, “hey man, listen, I saw your face while I was trying to talk. Yeah, I’m gonna need you to drive over to my house and put your hands behind your back so I can punch you as hard as possible in the dick.” And then I’d move on, because I’m the kind of guy who hired Joe Rogan to communicate my product to America in the first place.

For any and all future announcements, please make Joe Rogan stand behind a heavy curtain.

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