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Wow, 30 is pretty damn old for a guy that has a ton of money and the Boston Red Sox, the official favorite team of girls that don’t have a favorite team. Actually, that favorite team would be the White Sox, at least for 24 days out of the month. But yeah, John Henry is marrying Linda Pizzuti, who probably had some terrible elementary school years. Who wouldn’t tolerate saggy balls to get rid of that name.

Henry, 59, and Pizzuti, 30, a Lynnfield developer, got engaged in December – less than a year after Henry and his first wife, Peggy, called it quits. The Red Sox owner popped the question to his steady galpal in New York just six months after they met at Alibi in the Liberty Hotel .

It is the first marriage for Pizzuti whose family is in the real estate biz. She specializes in sustainable development and recently…

Blah blah, it just goes on. Henry, you’ll remember, filed for divorce in August of 2007. And for the record, half of Henry’s age plus seven is 36 and a half. As long as the Fallopian Freeway’s closed down, I guess it’s all good.

|Boston Herald, via 310 to Joba|

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