01.17.10 8 years ago

Though baseball season is in hibernation in the US, it’s in full effect down in the Dominican Republic for winter leagues.  The video above shows ex-MLBer Jose Offerman, manager of the Licey Tigers, punching and dropping first base ump Daniel Rayburn because he didn’t like his call.  Except when I say “punching” I use the term very loosely.  So loosely you could wear it as a hat. That punch didn’t even come close to landing.

I only have to assume that Steven Seagal has started an acting school down in the DR, and Offerman and Rayburn are practicing their new skills on the field.  Next I’m sure we’ll see video of Offerman “stabbing” the bat boy for not clearing it out of the way fast enough, and the bat boy “dies” on the field.  Man, that theater blood sure is real-looking!

via The Dugout Sports Show

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