"Just Call Him KD"… Sigh.

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06.13.12 4 Comments

Kevin Pritchard may be the new general manager of the Indiana Pacers, but he’ll always be “that dipsh*t who drafted Greg Oden over Kevin Durant” to me. I bring this up because as I was watching Durant absolutely destroy the Miami Heat in the 4th quarter of last night’s NBA Finals Game 1, I could only wonder, “Seriously, how big of a dick does Pritchard feel like?”

It goes without saying that Durant is an absolute god in Oklahoma City, because he’s just f*cking incredible. So it makes sense that a band wrote a song about him. Too bad that song is a parody of “Call Me Maybe”. And it’s too bad that the song includes this lyric:

“I’m so glad we drafted Fish”

I may have actually praised this effort if this ridiculously inept and ignorant line had never been written, but it was so I won’t. Alas, it has been written, recorded, and YouTubed, so it’s a viral sensation now. All I can do is include this GIF to make me forget it…

Music video after the jump, as well as the highlights of Durant going what I believe the kids call HAM.

Do it dirty, KD…

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