Kenny Powers Does K-Swiss Viral Ad, Is Into ‘Boo Cake’ [Video]

08.02.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I’m never usually chipper on rainy Monday mornings, but I’ll be alright after getting some Kenny Powers in my life. Everyone’s favorite pitcher is negotiating with the suits at K-Swiss for an endorsement deal, and the results are magical. Ever wondered what “boo cake porn” is, or the location of “Calipornia?” Both are questions that can be answered in the video after the jump.

HBO should fire the people who decided to make the first season only six episodes long, and do something much worse to those who chose to make me wait another month until the second season. I would have loved to sit in on that board meeting. “So it’s decided. We’ll give the funniest show we have only six episodes, having already devoted six seasons and two movies to Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker is FAHHHHHBULOUS and totally doesn’t look like a horse at all! Anyone for lunch?” Usually, I would let the incompetence of others upset me, but not today, not when I have Kenny Powers. Season two debuts on September 26th, so I guess I’ll just have to have my panties in a bunch until then. Video after the jump, but the language is very NSFW.

–Funny or Die

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