Kenny Rogers and Jim Leyland Are Old Badasses

10.14.06 11 years ago

Kenny Rogers is 41 years old and has always sucked in the playoffs, but now he's a force of nature. He threw 7 1/3 scoreless innings last night, allowing only two singles as the Tigers beat the A's 3-0. This follows his ALDS-clinching win over the Yankees, where his curveball was devastating and you could read his lips as he said things like, "Fuck yeah!" and "Gimme that fuckin' ball!" after striking out another Yankee. He has now thrown 15 shutout innings this postseason, giving him the title Apprentice Old Badass.

The Master Old Badass, of course, remains Jim Leyland. Rogers is 41 and still pitching lights-out, and Leyland is now 186 years old and wearing spikes in the dugout. Previously we knew him by the name William T. Sherman. After burning all of Georgia to the ground, Leyland finds managing an upstart team to the World Series a piece of cake. I guess it's ironic that he beat the Yankees after fighting for them for so long.

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