Kerry Collins Throws Ball Fast, Concusses Teammate.. On The Sideline

12.27.10 7 years ago

We all know the NFL is trying to minimize the concussing hits during games, but what do you do when a quarterback hits his teammate in the head with the ball and concusses him, and to add to it, that teammate wasn’t even a receiver, but a defensive end on the sideline?

Roger Goodell’s probably going to just fine everyone on the Titans for their terrible play, am I right? It’s a joke because the Titans are miserable this seas- oh you do get it? You just don’t think it’s funny. Carry on then.

From the Tennessean:

Not much has gone right for the Titans lately, and things took an even more unusual turn Sunday when defensive end William Hayes was injured in a freak accident.

Hayes was standing on the sideline when a Kerry Collins pass sailed high off the field and hit him in the head. Hayes was unable to play the rest of the game because of a concussion, Coach Jeff Fisher said.

“That’s kind of how the game went,” Fisher said. “I’ve never had a player leave the game with a concussion after getting hit with the ball on the sideline. But we’ll see how he is this week.”

Somehow this incident comes off as a great representation of what the Titans have accomplished this season. They easily could have had a better record with a healthy Vince Young and also much less yelling and fighting with Jeff Fisher and Young.

At the stage they are in the season, I still don’t see how Tennessee’s gameplan every time doesn’t consist of “give 20+ carries to Chris Johnson and whoever else we have in our backfield.” Some people probably think Johnson will get tired running that much, and that’s when you go to the OTHER part of the plan: have Johnson be quarterback, too. I’d put good money he wouldn’t hit his teammate in the head and give him a concussion.

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