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Patriots running back Kevin Faulk has been cited for possession of marijuana.  From KATC-3, Acadiana's NewsChannel: 

Faulk is facing drug charges in Lafayette after he was cited for marijuana posession at a rap concert.  The Carencro native was searched by sheriff's deputies on his way up to a suite at the Cajundome for Friday's Lil Wayne concert.  During a random security check four joints were found in Faulk's pocket.  He's been charged with simple posession of marijuana – which is a misdemeanor.

Lafayette.  Carencro.  Acadiana.  Cajundome.  Where in God's name did this happen?  Until they mention a state that I've heard of, I'm going to believe that this story's fictional.  Because I'm pretty sure I read about Acadiana in a fairy tale.  And in the America that I'm from, marihuana is an illegal narcotic that lands you in jail, dammit.

[Tirico Suave

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