04.02.08 9 years ago • 22 Comments

Celtics Kevin Garnett and James Posey were attacked by Chicago's Bennie the Bull during the Celts' win in Chicago last night, when the mascot's ingratiating capering included firing t-shirts from an air cannon at the stars.  Well, at the star and Posey.

The incident happened when Garnett and Posey were walking to the bench during a timeout with 2:49 remaining. Garnett and Posey gave Bennie the Bull a glare, and, said Garnett, "We exchanged words." Garnett was sent back to the bench by the referees after trying to explain what happened.

"I felt threatened," said Posey…"Two T-shirts were thrown at me and KG. I don't feel safe. The T-shirts were fired out of that gun or whatever. I feel a little sore in one spot. I might have to get treatment… Let's see how the league handles this."

I, too, would like to see the league handle this responsibly.  I recommend that Bennie be punished with an official eye-roll coupled with a stern wanking motion.

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