King of Pong

04.29.11 6 years ago

The only way to react to this video of a guy pulling an Andre Agassi on the ping pong court is to shout “oyy!” The shot comes to us courtesy of Hot Clicks by way of The Score, and there is literally zero context provided, so I don’t know if these happened in real life or was a Powerade commercial or what.

All I can pick up using my Batman-like deductive reasoning skills is that one of the guys is a person (see, down in the bottom left) and the game was featured on AFTONBLADET, which either means “afternoon leaf” or “this comes on after Blade 2.” Good old Aftonbladet, with their catchy slogan, “Sveriges nyhetskälla och mötesplats.”

Pro-tip: You can recreate this amazing shot in a game of Pong by turning your back to the screen, then hurling the Atari controller over your shoulder.

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