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UPDATE: Apparently the pizzas will be $60, the same cost as in Texas Stadium. Still too rich for my blood…

The Dallas Cowboys have some big plans for their new stadium opening this fall–one of which is plying the cash from the pockets of as many people as possible. Some of the food prices for the suites have been making news, and it’s pretty obvious that being a Cowboys fan just got a lot more expensive.

Tuesday’s tour took our group into a suite that can be leased for $800,000 a year – which doesn’t include the price of game or event tickets but does offer a large pizza for $90 (no toppings), 12-packs of domestic beer for $66 apiece and a four-pack of Red Bull for $22, among other ridiculously priced items. via.

NINETY DOLLARS for a zero-topping pizza. And I thought Domino’s was trying to rape me by charging me eight bucks for one of those new sandwiches. One of my favorite things to do with Domino’s drivers is to leave a note on the door and then hide in the front yard. When they reach for the note, I shoot them in the back with a paintball gun. But I tip well, and they get out of work a little early, so they’re cool with it.

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