09.16.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

Redskins safety LaRon Landry apparently drives a lime-green Lamborghini with lime-green rims.  Because, you know, a black Lamborghini or a red Lamborghini or a yellow Lamborghini — why, people wouldn’t even notice it.  You have no idea how many times I’ve left my navy blue Lamborghini in a parking lot, only to get it confused with all the other Lamborghinis painted the same color.  I feel like such a fool.

Interestingly, D.C. Sports Bog adds this cryptic statement:

LaRon had an incredible thing hanging around his neck after the game, and also that I was prohibited to take a photo of it. But trust me, it would fit in very nicely with this car.

An incredible… thing? What was it?  A diamond-encrusted lime?  Green truck nutz?  Please let it be green truck nutz.

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