Lawrence Phillips Is Headed to the Clink

10.11.06 11 years ago

Well, Lawrence Phillips is headed to prison. I can't possibly recount all of his various teams and fuck-ups over the years, but this Deadspin post does a pretty nice job of it. I guess running down people in stolen cars is illegal now. I must have missed that memo.

The sentencing will go down on October 19th, and Lawrence is looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty years. Wow. He is totally going to need a new driver's license when he gets out.

Just for fun, here's a link to the 1996 draft results. It's a pretty impressive class. In retrospect, the Rams might have been better off drafting Eddie George or Mike Alstott. Or any of the talented wide receivers. Or somebody on defense. Basically any of the non-sociopaths. Eh. Live and learn.

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