With Leather’s Watch This: Paul Scholes Offers Up The Soccer Goal Of The Week

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12.03.13 6 Comments

Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes was considered by many to be one of the most popular players in Manchester United history, and I say that with confidence because I’ve actually heard of him and I barely ever watch soccer. But at age 39, he’s over-the-hill and washed up, relegated to a life of playing charity and rec games for the Cadderton Park Sports Club’s Over 35s League. In a recent game between the Chadderton Park Legends and Chaddy Park Veterans, Scholes proved that he still has it, though, when he nailed this effortless lob shot for a goal from his own half.

*As always, if I got the soccer terminology wrong, I blame the Florida education system for teaching us that soccer is dumb.

NHL: Stars at Blackhawks – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

According to the standings, the Blackhawks are the best team in the NHL right now. But are they better than the St. Louis Blues? Yes. Obviously. God, I hate explaining things to myself sometimes.

NCAA Basketball

Illinois at Georgia Tech – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
Indiana at Syracuse – Indiana at Syracuse – 7 PM ET on ESPN
Penn State at Pitt – 7:30 PM ET on ESPNU
Michigan at Duke – 9 PM ET on ESPN
Notre Dame at Iowa – 9:15 PM ET on ESPN2
FSU at Minnesota – 9:30 PM ET on ESPNU

If you’re a college basketball fan, then you shouldn’t be doing anything other than watching the Big 10/ACC challenge tonight. It’s better than all of those reruns of How I Met Your Mother that you know you’re going to end up watching. Don’t lie.

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