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There's a strong push in Vancouver to create legal brothels by 2010 when the Winter Olympics and horny Japanese businessmen come to town.  Great news! …or is it?  

A group of Vancouver prostitutes wants to open a "co-op" brothel in time for the Winter Olympics, saying it would help sex-trade workers by providing a safer working environment when the world comes to visit in 2010.

Susan Davis, a working prostitute, said she envisions the creation of as many as five cooperative brothels… The group has support from some politicians, including Vancouver East MP Libby Davies and Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan, who believe a brothel owned and run by sex-trade workers would help reduce violence against them.

Whoa whoa whoa.  Reduce… violence… against hookers?  Susan Davis, your first mistake was revealing your real identity in the media.  My nemesis has a name.

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