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Dayna Crenshaw, a 33-year-old high school basketball coach in Texas, faces felony charges of having an awesomely improper relationship with a student (note: not the exact legal terminology).  Naturally, the alleged relationship included lots of sweet, sweet, sweet lesbian sex.

Police began investigating when a female student alleged this spring that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Crenshaw for four months… The student spoke of Crenshaws' tattoo of pink and baby blue footprints located below her right waistline. The student reportedly saw them during sexual acts that occurred in Crenshaw's mothers house. The student successfully provided police a detailed floor plan of the home and stated the sex occurred in Crenshaw's mother's bedroom. The home is just 4/10's a mile from the high school where both spent the majority of the day.

Ugh, this always happens.  These stories are potentially sexy, but the reporters don't come through with any details.  Just once — just one measly time — I want to see a journalist use the term "finger-blasting."

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