Like A Freight Train Hitting A Meat

11.29.10 7 years ago

Here’s a fun Inception spoof featuring some DeAngelo Hall highlights. Just wait for the big finish.

Radio Rabbit.

Sports Illustrated will name their Sportsman of the Year later today. Yes, Virginia, there will be a live chat.

Steady Burn.

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Cartoon Movie Adaptations: A History.


Don’t forget to vote for Stylez G. White to make the NFL Pro Bowl.

Today’s Top Story: Woman Flashes Breasts To Rob Very Happy Victim.


Here’s a fun GIF of Oprah releasing some bees. Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!


Michael Jordan’s mashed-up response to LeBron James’ ‘What Should I Do’ Nike commercial. I personally am ready for the next Next Michael Jordan.

Bro Bible.

This is titled “20 Things You Think You Should Know About: Charlie Sheen.” Really, it would have been funnier if it had been titled “20 and a half things…” Wow, if that was any funnier I would have had to change my pants.

Ego TV.

Five Ways The Miami Heat Can Salvage Their Season. Step one: Green jerseys for St. Patty’s Day! I’m kidding; I didn’t even read the list.

The Urban Daily.

These are bad people that have buildings named after them, and if you happen to be a Clemson University student reading this in the Strom Thurman Institute, take a moment to bask in your own personal irony.

THE Smoking Jacket.

It’s time for the 2010 Syracuse rap anthem “Unfinished Business.” I understand it’s a continuation of the 2009 Syracuse rap anthem, which currently remains unfinished.

The Hoop Doctors.

Breaking: Ke$ha is a bit of a dip$hit.

What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Richard Masur, coime on down, you’re the guy actor of the week. No, that’s lowercase on purpose.

Unreality Mag.

Can you spot these camouflaged animals? Good night, Ned.

Ned Hardy.

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