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We’ve gotten a lot of feedback recently chiding us for our lack of cheerleader coverage this winter.  Actually, we haven’t gotten any at all, but that seemed like a good way to introduce the dance team for Moscow’s Khimki Basketball Club.

Not a single basketball show takes off without them. They have the power to lift the spirits of their team’s fans. They embody beauty, grace, femaleness, ductility, and artistic prowess. They are charming, and heavenly gorgeous, the Queens of the Court, the rulers of time-out. They are the dance squad, the one and only Khimki Basketball Club Dance Team…

Popular throughout the Moscow Region, the talented cheerleading squad has a repertoire of presentations that really stands out… [T]hese young dancers have performed in publicity campaigns, a variety of different shows, and boast a repertoire of no less than 90 choreographies!

A constant stream of heartfelt appreciation for their performance is always expressed after a game, along with a barrage of requests from fans to pose alongside them for a snapshot, or the ever-present public’s “bon bon amie” wave. Not one game unfolds without these episodes.

And yes, that blockquoted excerpt was written by Alex from Everything Is Illuminated.  You know, the Russian guy who sounds like he learned his English from the thesaurus?  Does nobody read fiction any more?  **Sigh** Whatever, just go look at the boobs already.

[Additional video at Busted Coverage]

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