12.27.09 8 years ago

Nine ex-Lingerie ballers have been served a cease and desist order for their loose-lipped rantings against the league on MySpace and Facebook.  Some of their complaints include the League’s reneging on their promise to pay medical bills associated with play, and disorganized practices.

League founder Mitchell Mortaza has allegedly reponded to the girls’ accusations with hostility, and by saying he wished at least one of the women would stop attending practice so he could sack her and collect her fine.

That fine–$5000–is detailed in the league’s standard player contract, which also warns of a $500 fine if a woman wears any “additional garments” underneath her lingerie uniform. The league, an ex-player told TSG, did not want women wearing bras or underwear, since that would inhibit instances where players were exposed when uniforms were ripped off or pulled down during play.–

The contract flat out says they have to agree to “accidentally” show a little kitty once in a while.  Why do these broads have to be so uptight?  So what if you get tackled and Oops! your tatas pop out?

Really these girls should be ashamed of themselves.  Everyone knows that MySpace is so passé!

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