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In legal news, former Mavericks head coach Don Nelson was awarded $6.3 million in his breach-of-contract suit against Mavs owner Mark Cuban.  Aww yeah, bitches.  You know nothing drives page views like a lawsuit between two white men.

Anyway, I could give you all the details about how Cuban barred Nelson from doing his contractual consultant duties, or we can go straight to the quotes.  Right.  Straight to the quotes, then.

“It was kind of a silly case,” Nelson told "It’s like a pimple on his behind for (Cuban), but ($6-plus million is) a big number for me. I don’t feel like I’ve won the lottery because I’ve already earned that money, but it’s good to know I’m going to get it." […]

Despite the ruling, Cuban is not wallowing in defeat saying in an e-mail to that the arbitration hearing was worth the hassle.

"I got exactly what I wanted out of the deal – the true facts of the situation,” Cuban said… Unfortunately, according to the arbitrator, because I held back about $25,000 in (consulting) payments as I tried to understand the situation, I am obligated to pay him the deferred money he was to be paid. … I can live with that."

"Eh, I just lost six million bucks.  It happens.  Totally worth it to hear the truth."  Dude, those are some expensive-ass facts.  Personally, I'd settle for some half-truths at a better price.  A price like free.  But maybe that's why Cuban's a billionaire, and I'm a mere independently wealthy playboy.

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