Marvin Lewis is a Dick

10.23.06 11 years ago

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is apparently more concerned with his team's performance than our entertainment. Chad Johnson, speaking after yesterday's exhilarating 17-14 win over Carolina in which his diving catch on a ballsy (stupid?) 4th-and-1 call was a key play, noted that the coach's existing gag order now extends to Johnson's celebrations on the field: 

"What you see from me is what [Lewis] wants – just make your plays and go back to the huddle. So that's what I'm going to do. Going to be no more talking, no nothing. Just go out there and play, go home. If that's what it takes to make us a better team, so be it.'' 

Asked if that means no more touchdown celebrations, Johnson nodded.

"Very lame, isn't it?'' he said.

Fuck yes it's lame. Gee, great work on getting Chad to settle down, Coach. But don't you think the Bengals are a little too disciplined? C'mon, let your players go out and have some fun.

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