03.16.08 10 years ago

The Penn State Nittany Lion, who claims the Big Ten stole his idea for the Big Ten Network, is suing the conference for an alleged breach of agreement.  Actually it's not the mascot, but a businessman who formerly wore the furry plush costume.  But hey, once a mascot, always a mascot.

[Robert] Welsh claims that in 1998 he presented to a group of Big Ten Conference officials and athletic directors his plan to create a Big Ten network… He claims the Big Ten Conference appeared interested in his proposal so he “distributed his business plan on a confidential basis and made a comprehensive and detailed presentation including a specific delineation of the Big Ten Network plan as a satellite/cable television medium.”

But then the Big Ten Conference decided it “did not wish to cede control over such matters to an independent entity” and instead, the suit said, took Mr. Welsh’s idea as its own.

And then the Big Ten Network miraculously debuted last summer.  Eh, whatever.  I'll be honest, this story's pretty dull, and the only reason I brought it up is because I like pictures of mascots in court.  I guess I just like the idea of them arguing their cases in pantomime.

With all this talk of mascots, we need to see a woman get punched by Nicolas Cage in a bear suit (after the jump, natch).

[The Wizard of Odds

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