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The Lions, predictably enough, have started the season 0-2 with a pair of embarrassing losses. President and GM and Matt Millen, who has long been the NFL poster boy for incompetence (the Lions are 31-83 with him at the helm), is now ratcheting up the blatantly obvious buffoonery by ripping off the Bush Administration’s anti-logic:

“Stay the course,” Millen said. “It’s a little bump. … It’s not like you have to panic. You don’t have to make wholesale changes. You don’t have to do all that stuff. It’s all right there.” […]

“I think the people who came out (to training camp), they like what they see because they see discipline. They see the approach is right. They’re practicing right. All the little things.”

What about the fan who says, ‘That’s practice, but these are games’?

“Well, if a fan says that, then they don’t understand the game of football, because it can’t happen on the field if it doesn’t happen here,” Millen said.

Yes!  Yes, that’s it!  It’s not that the Lions are bad, it’s that the fans don’t understand progress.  Those idiots think that “results” in “games” are what matters.  What a bunch of jackasses.  Matt Millen’s talking about practice.  Not a game.  Practice.


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