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The Nashville Police Department made their official ruling on the case regarding the killings of Steve McNair and his girlfriend with that really ethnic name that I don’t really feel like looking up at the moment, according to Pro Football Talk:

Investigators believe McNair was sleeping at the time on the sofa when he was shot in the right temple then twice in the chest before shooting him again in the left temple before [Sahel] Kazemi shot herself in the right temple and died.

“After nearly four days of intensive investigation, we have determined that Steve McNair was murderd by Sahel Kazemi and Sahel Kazemi killed herself,” the Chief said. “The totality of the evidence clearly points to a murder-suicide.

“All five shell casings match the weapon, all five bullets were recovered and match the gun. Gunpowder residue was found on her left hand, not enough for a conclusive result. There was none on McNair’s hands.”

This whole thing is just so damn sad. Of course, it would have been a laugh riot if it happened to Eddie George, but I digress. I can imagine that some of the more “ambitious” married men in the NFL will take notice of this and adjust their actions accordingly. As in not dating anyone whose name rhymes with Kazemi. Four bullets? Really? What, she couldn’t find an airplane to fly through his chest?

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