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A Cincinnati-area amusement park has removed one of its more amusing [to me] attractions. A display of skeletons arranged to resemble the dead bodies of Steve McNair and that one kid has was bangin’ have been removed from King’s Island, based in Mason, Ohio. Represent, yo:

Kings Island Amusement Park’s Halloween Haunt features skeletal renditions of various celebrities, including Heath Ledger surrounded by pill bottles, Farrah Fawcett in her iconic red tank top, pitchman Billy Mays, and a pajama-clad Michael Jackson.

“You’re gonna see Ted Kennedy, Ed McMahon, and there’s still other ones yet to be placed,” Kings Island spokesman Don Helbig told Cincinatti NBC affiliate WLWT. via.

McNair’s Nashville restaurant, by the way, is still closed, which is too bad, because this is probably the only time they’d drum up any business…

first vid.

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