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We’re reworking our lead-off post to give you a plate full of sports news goodness every morning. We’re calling it the Morning Meat, and it will set the table for the business that With Leather gives you throughout the day. Like everything else on this site, it’s a work in progress. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Tim Tebow Could Be a Rapist Pedophile. The old biddies on The View got a little whipped up about Tim Tebow’s anti-abortion commercial that may or may not air during the Super Bowl.  Joy Behar in particular decided to argue that Tebow could go either way–become the second coming of Jesus, or Roman Polanski.  That’s super logical.  Of course everything The View has to offer is full of compelling life lessons.

The Littlest Blogger. The hospitality tents at next month’s Winter Games had better be prepared to check ID’s, because in the mix will be 10 year-old sports reporter, Brennan LaBrie.  He’ll be giving constant updates to TIME for Kids and the Peninsula Daily News out of Washington state.  It’s a good thing Tim Tebow won’t be there, or he might go into a rage and will himself onto poor Brennan.

Shock-G & the Anti-Concussion Clan. Former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston has teamed up with his old college throwin’ partna’, Don McPherson, to form G9 Turf.  The goal of G9 Turf is to provide safer, more shock-absorbent fields to reduce injuries and concussions in football.  I can think of a G I’d like to test the shock-absorbency of…

Cabanas Got Rocked in la Cabeza. Footy stud Salvador Cabanas of Paraguay was shot in the head in a Mexican bar bathroom after matching wits with suspect Jose J. Balderas Garza AKA “El Modelo”.  Cabanas is “showing favorable signs of recovery”.  I can’t believe people are still going there with all the drug war-related shootings going on; but if that’s what I have to do to get a sweet nickname like “El Modelo” then so be it.

Sunny-side up scores containing at least one 0

NBA Bucks 107, Mavericks 108

Timberwolves 105, Knicks 132

Lakers 115, Wizards 103

Bobcats 114, Suns 109

NHL Devils 0, Senators 3

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • An artist has now designed the iTable.  It looks like an iPod.  People are going a little too far with their Apple obsessions. The Smoking Section.
  • I have an intense fear of clowns and mascots.  This Juggalo Western may be the biggest nightmare of all time.  Film Drunk.
  • Get ready for the Hot Mess Express – Now we get double the dose of Paula Abdul, on Dancing With the Stars AND X-Factor. Lucky us!  Warming Glow.
  • Allegedly the World’s longest basketball shot. How do they really know this?  Maybe there’s a poor beet farmer in Siberia or Turkmenistan or somewhere that has beets that can make a longer shot but no one knows?  Gunaxin.
  • MMA pimp slap video complete with one of those heinous Halloween pimp hats photoshopped in.  Grody.  The Cage Doctors.
  • Oh God.  Are we sure the apocalypse isn’t in 2010? Whoopi Goldberg talks about diddling her skittle.  Off of me, onto you. Blech.  Inside TV.
  • 25 Hottest Winter Olympians.  #22 and #21 are questionable.  However, #1 is hands-down a dime.  Bleacher Report.
  • Sports logo quiz.  Go.  Sporcle.

Tips? Okay, but that’s it.  Anything more and I’ll have to turn you in to HR:

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