Meat Is Not Just A Standing Sport

08.24.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

  • Meet Spike. He wants you to join his crew. Spike says that he can dance and improve your fitness. I’m not quite so sure.

  • Animals fought the law, but the law didn’t win: Bears and other crap in the news.

    Uproxx News.

  • Man, I never get sick of these nerdy cheerleader stories.

    Science Cheerleader.

  • Here are some of the downside of social networking; you’ll never avoid all of them.


  • Also: Twitter’s Fail Whale re-imagined and reincarnated.

    Ego TV.

  • The cast of The Expendables opened the NYSE last week. Sadly, they left their guns at home.

    Forbes, Unreality Mag.

  • This post is from a series called “Tron Sex Acts,” and I apologize in advance for not having a good “End Of Line” joke for this link.


  • “It recovers the fumble or else it gets the hose again.”

    SB Nation.

  • The 100 hottest athletes of all time. Why yes, it is a slideshow.

    Bleacher Report .

  • Insane art fan fetishes…as opposed to sane art fan fetishes?


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