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Michael Strahan has himself a new girlfriend:

[N]ow his [Eddie Murphy's] ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, has a squeeze of her own. Nicole, who recently got a big divorce settlement and blew $7 million on a new Beverly Hills home, is dating N.Y. Giant Michael Strahan. The two met in New York several weekends ago at a charity bash thrown by Derek Jeter.

Apparently Michael likes women with expensive tastes.  I know the old adage goes, "Seek out a woman similar to your ex, know her intimately, and then jilt her," but I worry about Michael's resolve.  He might end up paying for this if Nicole's motives aren't pure, and if he has any money left.  Am I worried over nothing?  You're probably right, this arrangement can only end happily.  And God bless that Derek Jeter for organizing the charity event where these two love birds met – he is a living saint.

Nicole is trying to keep the relationship quiet, but her pals say she "feels good chemistry" between them.

In gold digger speak, chemistry (or any of the other sciences for that matter) equals money.  I can only assume that Eddie has more cash than Mike, so that's why it's only 'good' and not 'great'.  I'm going to listen to some Kanye West now. -KD    

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