04.26.07 10 years ago 22 Comments

This is golf's semi- kinda-phenom Michelle Wie at the Spider-Man 3 worldwide premiere.  Must be nice to get invited to worldwide movie premieres in Tokyo as a high school senior.

This is a tough one for me.  I'm definitely not enamored with golf (unless crack and playmates are involved), and I've never been on the Wie bandwagon.  On the other hand, I definitely like underage girls, and Wie looks pretty hot here, so sign me up for the full 18 holes.  Although why she's hanging out with Chewbacca-Wan Kenobi is anybody's guess. 

(Note for the dorks: If you must know, that's Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kotoōshū Katsunori, known in Japan for his "good looks" as — I shit you not — the "David Beckham of Sumo."  Yeah, hubba, hubba.  A perfect nickname from the country that made art forms out of subway-groping and tentacle porn.)

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