03.13.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

In the grand tradition of harebrained schemes to sell minor league baseball tickets, the Macon Music will host Eliot Spitzer Night on June 13th.  In addition to inviting Spitzer to throw out the first pitch, the Music have planned a totally zany night that includes a trip to New York and one night in the Mayflower Hotel, a "prize pack" for the ninth fan to enter the stadium, $1 discounts for any fan with the name Eliot, Spitzer, or Kristen, and wire taps placed around the stadium.  Whoa, some of those ideas are so wild my hat almost flew off.

"If you look at Minor League Baseball as a whole, it’s all about the wildest, wackiest promotions out there," South Coast League chief development officer J.D. Hardin said… "I think this is probably the craziest idea to come out of the Music office yet."

If I had to grade the wackiness of this promotion, I'd have to generously give it an F-.  Except that's not quite the right size or color.


Ah, that's better.  C'mon, you're basing your promotion on a prostitution ring, but you've got no hookers in the stadium?  No designated handjob zones?  No condom giveaways?  No free entry to any active-duty hookers or even a discount for women who dress like hookers?  No empty lot behind the stadium about to get filled with concrete?  Wait… scratch that last one.  

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