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In case you didn’t watch “24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic,” WHAT WAS WRONG WITH YOU? Described as “Hard Knocks” for the NHL, the show that aired on HBO was a great look in the locker rooms anyone with any mild interest in hockey. Bruce Boudreau was the most flustered, profane, ill-tempered short fat guy, and I loved every minute of it.

So HBO has taken on the NFL with “Hard Knocks” and the NHL with that really long title I’m not writing again? What’s next? Did you say the MLB? GET OUT OF MY HEAD

Yes, there will be tons of close-up shots of dudes itching their crotch, New York Times:

The template would be the same if other sports followed the N.H.L.’s example: an all-access look at a short part of the season that leads to a climax. The Winter Classic — which is played outdoors — is a contrived but spectacular concluding point during the season, something that other leagues don’t quite have. Greenburg said he had been examining how to highlight rivalries in other sports that would give the series a beginning, middle and end.

“We’ll figure it out and build a series around it,” he said. “You have to do high-profile events that hit the mark.” One such event could be golf’s Ryder Cup, which would move HBO into a new sport.

A spokesman for the N.B.A. said it had turned down several requests for teams to be in “24/7.” But a Major League Baseball spokesman said it would be interested in exploring opportunities with the network.

I am completely for this. I can’t think of a sport where more people swear during the game. It’s a shame Lou Piniella and Bobby Cox retired because they would be ideal for this, but think of other managers and their swearing potential when mic’d up. Ozzie Guillen, Ron Washington, Mike Scioscia and Terry Francona are some names who would be perfect for it. If HBO doesn’t follow through with it, I’ll do it myself. Sure, I won’t be able to cover Joe Girardi because of the restraining order after what I did to his car (it involved powdered sugar, my own urine and a lot of stealth), but there are other fish in the sea.

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