MM: Where Kevin Durant Happens?

06.03.10 7 years ago

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  • If I was commissioned to create a World Series of Sports Betting, it would go down in a way very similar to this.


  • Here’s the rest of that Grant Wahl interview from yesterday, in podcast form.

    Kissing Suzy Kolber

  • More perspectives on that blown Jim Joyce call that ended a perfect game last night.

    Deuce of Devenport.

    Legend of Cecilio Guante.

    It’s Always Sunny In Detroit.

  • Burnsy puts together a nice chronology of vampires in pop culture.


  • Are these different counterfeit toys? Or are these knockoffs of those knockoffs?


  • Do you hate all of the other countries in the World Cup yet? This should help.

    Sports Pickle.

  • “Fame is like being raped,” says the woman who consensually appeared in the Twilight movies.


  • Traveling to South Africa for the World Cup? Here are some things you might need to know.

    Grant Wahl: Inside Soccer.

  • Brace yourself: here’s your third celebrity death.


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