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As much as I harbor a fondness for the raw bloddlust of mixed martial arts, I can’t deny that it also appeals to a large demographic of casual steroid users and small-dicked meatheads.  As you can see in this video.

For those of you unfamiliar with your UFC champions, one of the big fights coming up is BJ Penn versus Georges St-Pierre (who’s such a badass that his name is plural) in UFC 94, which will be right around the Super Bowl.  Penn’s the lightweight (155 lbs) champion, and he’s moving up to 170 to fight welterweight champ GSP.  And the star of the video above is so F-CKIN STOKED for BJ Penn that he spends part of his day shadow-boxing in a cemetery before talking trash to Georges St-Pierre (who, may I remind you, he’s not fighting).  Then he points to a headstone that says “St. Pierre.”

I have a message for all the women out there: if you’re sleeping with this man or someone like him, you’re making the world a worse place.  Drive an SUV.  Stop recycling.  Drown a polar bear in a melted glacier.  But for the love of God, don’t sleep with this guy.  It only encourages him.

[Hung Lo Dojo via Fan IQ]

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