10.29.07 10 years ago 30 Comments

Ah, now THAT was a shitty weekend of football.  Most of the games were either blowouts or low-scoring snooze-fests riddled with incompetence.

But who sucked the most?  Well, the Rams and the Dolphins earned their weekly nod by each improving their records to a perfect 0-8, while the Dolphins get some extra points for taking part in the colossal bore-a-thon that was their 13-10 loss to the Giants.  The Jets are also sneaking their way into the ranks of the epically shitty, falling to 1-7 by shitting the bed at home against Buffalo in a 13-3 game that made the Wembley Stadium Suckapalooza look remotely watchable.

But, by special request, this week's Suck-Off winners are the San Francisco 49ers. As FilmDrunk's Lance Martini pointed out, at one point with only a few minutes left in yesterday's 31-10 home loss to the Saints, the 49ers had managed only 55 yards of total offense.  A late touchdown after the Saints had put in their second-string made it slightly more respectable, but the Niners have now put together five straight losses after opening the season with two semi-plucky wins.  Truly, they are a team to watch when it comes to sucking.

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