02.06.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

This time it’s David Beckham for Armani underwear instead of his RealDoll wife, which I suppose is only fair for the female readers out there.  You’ll notice that the photographer has creatively used mirrors to give us twice the bulge!  Sweet!  It’s about time this blog had more angles from which to examine David Beckham’s junk.  I love my job.

As amends to the fellas, I tossed in a couple photos from Victoria’s Armani underwear campaign.  And as amends for that, there’s some bonus action from Carly Zucker for Lynx (England’s version of AXE).  Zucker is a fitness instructor engaged to England’s Joe Cole (she’s not to be confused with Cheryl Cole, who’s married to Ashley Cole), and her One Million Years B.C.-esque ad encourages me to “unleash the man leather.”  Sorry, Carly.  My parole officer says I gotta keep it leashed.

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