01.19.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

Last week we saw the first photos from the Victoria Beckham Armani underwear campaign, but the images were so small that I barely got turned on when I licked the computer screen.  Thankfully, some anonymous hero put the high-resolution pics online, so now you can click away on the little pictures until Posh is damn near life-size.  If you’ve got a laser printer and the time, you might just get lucky tonight.

Oh, and there’s also this new picture that surfaced today (at Dirty Tackle and Kickette), but as you can see from the banner we’re just not quite there in terms of sexy resolution.  Another sexy resolution?  The Treaty of Ghent.  Oh man the War of 1812 gives me a boner.  Battle of New Orleans, RAWR!

Also, to satisfy the growing population of ladies frequenting the site, here’s another couple pics of David Beckham.  I guess he modeled Armani’s Fall/Winter ’09/’10 line this past weekend.  I wasn’t really paying attention, what with the lack of boobs and all.

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